My name is my heritage. Who I am is what I chose to be. My actions, my thoughts, what I perceive of myself and who others interpret my existence, my EGO.

Though, my EGO is not particularly important for anyone else beside myself. Nor I have such a wish. The way I want to communicate with the world is my perspective. The view from my standpoint.

Each project is unique, regardless the creator, it is free to communicate, and the interpretation lies upon the receiver, meaning each project acts as a transmitter.

About me? I was born in Athens in 1984. Lived most of my life in Athens and for a few years in Thessaloniki where I conducted my studies in Political Science at the Aristotle University, at the department of Law, Finance and Political studies. From a young age I got involved with the fine Arts, firstly with music and later on I switched to art, filmmaking and theater.

Alongside, I was involved in advertising and audiovisual communication, and currently holding almost a decade of experience in the field. I developed projects that interfered with the daily life of the Greek audience and some with international recognition. All of my projects and actions have one common denominator – the Expression.

The above note is an outcry. An outcry reflecting my EGO.

Actually, nothing special.